Version 00.02 and ending guide

So a quick fix.

- now you have to travel 6 times to get teleported into the white dream;
- fixed screen blinking in the start;
- the scrolling text speed now is slower;
- fixed shop tiles on the road;
- fixed some other minor things.

Also, an ending guide since Ifigured that understanding what you need to do to earn the second one can be too frustrating (and it's not worth it).

ENDING 1: Wake up from any dream, but not the white one (press the C button).
ENDING 2: Wake up from the white dream.
ENDING 3 (TRUE): Travel through 6 dreams and go to bed.

Thank you for playing!


CurtainedMoon.00.02.Win.rar 169 MB
Jul 02, 2018
CurtainedMoon.00.02.MAC.rar 244 MB
Jul 02, 2018
CurtainedMoon.00.02.Linux.rar 207 MB
Jul 02, 2018

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